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Horner, Ronald High School Assistant Principal
Pennington, Chris Principal

Lyttle, Orville JROTC
Anderson, Annette English/Language Arts
Beverly, John Physical Education
Centanni, Stephen English/Language Arts
Dankovic, Bethany English/Language Arts
Denney, Tiffany Mathematics
Duncan, Joe Mathematics/Project Lead The Way
Duren, Todd Art Department
Durr, Robbie Counselor, 9-12
Evans, Bobbi Mathematics/Project Lead The Way
Everett, Morgan History
Graham, Kim-Michelle Counselor, 6-8
Hankins, Emily Career and Techical Education
Hayden, Jacob Social Studies
Hill, Brandon Drivers Education/Health
Hunt-Sacramona, Courtney English/Language Arts
Kendrick, Kristin Career and Technical Education/Mathematics
Lingerfelt, Elizabeth Social Studies
Moye, Natalie Career Coach
Phillips, Michelle MS Science & Math
Pouncey, Logan Director of Bands
Pruitt, Richelle Science
Ruffin, Ricky Physical Education/Athletic Director
Simon, Earlean Media Specialist
Singleton, Wendy Science
Smith, Williams Special Education
Stanton, BK Behavior Support
Strunk, Liz Special Services
Weeks, Warren Social Studies
White, Della Reading
Williams, Rachel Science

O'Neal, Marquette CNP Manager
Parker, Brenda Bookkeeper
Patrick, Roderickka Data Clerk

Petro, Jason Curriculum Director
Stokes, Dafne